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>HDTV when YOU want it<

169time.com sells the best way to distribute and record perfect HDTV from subscription and free satellite sources, and many others agree. Read what a famous author wrote.

169time.com makes the only system that links HDTV satellite receivers to allow perfect digital recording and distribution of HDTV. With 169time you can record HDTV to compatible DVHS HD tape recorders, stand alone hard drives HD, and PC or Mac hard drives.

Small head ends or distribution closests can link to QAM or 8VSB modulators for digital HDTV distribution using our commercial products.

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  • Click here For 169time.com Contact telephone numbers and shipping address

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  • Click here For ordering information on Do It Yourself soldering kits

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  • Click here For the 169time HDTV Recording Questions and Answers

  • Click here For online 169time User Manuals

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  • Click here For information on 169time Guarantee / Warranty

  • Click here For information on how to Build your own AVX1 processor

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  • Click here for information specific to Dish Network and Bell ExpressVU.

  • Click here for specific info for 4DTV or Starchoice.

  • Click here for specifics regarding DirecTV HDTV recording including HDNet.

  • Click here for specifics regarding CableTV HDTV recording.

  • Click here for Integra IT912s STB HDTV recording specifics.

  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions info FAQ.
    Distribute HDTV

    169time also makes commercial grade products that enable the distribution of HDTV signals from satellite using local QAM or 8VSB modulators and ASI, DVB ASI, ATSC and QAM cable ready systems. Commercial products aren't sold through our online store so for complete information to fit your specific needs, contact our commercial division at the contact information at the bottom of our web page or phone (530) 268-0190 extension 169.

    Order securely online.

    Use the "add to cart" and "checkout" buttons to order our popular items at the lowest price. Other accessories and options are available, see Sale Information listed below. They can be added to your order by making a paypal payment for the additional amount. All receiver prices include the firewire upgrade pre-installed so you can start enjoying recording immediately.

    For ordering help call (530) 268-0190 extension 169.
    Call after noon if on the east coast, or after 9AM Pacific.

    Sale prices expire soon.
    Some items may sell out. Order early to avoid disappointment.

    Factory upgraded HDTV STBs for DirecTV, Dishnet, BellVu

  • Sale   $999, save $400 off regular $1399 price - DirecTV Hughes HDTV receiver with firewire 169time output for HDTV recording already added. Use directly with a suitable HD firewire connected recording device (DVHS tape, hard drive, PC) for OTA HDTV recording. Add an AVX1 processor (build your own or buy the AVX1 here) to include compatibility for satellite HD recording. Includes remote control. Receiver features both OTA and satellite HDTV reception. It is a newer model that has simultaneous output of High definition, standard definition, and recordable digital HDTV. The outputs include DVI, RGB, and component outpts for HDTV. This is a Hughes model HTL-HD receiver. It is made by LG electronics and nearly identical to the Sony SAT-HD300. The unit operates identical to the stock Hughes HTL-HD except that since the 169time upgrade is already installed, the recordable HDTV signal is sent over firewire when a HDTV channel is tuned.
    169time part number 2R6.
  • Sale   $999, save $400 off regular $1399 price - DELUXE Dish Network 6000 HD rcvr with firewire added. This Deluxe 6000 is in good condition. It includes the 8VSB plug-in (module 2) for local OTA channel reception and a UHF remote control antenna not found on the regular or economy models. Like all the 6000 units we sell, the firewire 169time output for HDTV recording is already added. Use with an AVX1 processor (build your own or buy the AVX1 here) plus a suitable HD firewire connected recording device (DVHS tape, hard drive or PC) for both satellite and OTA HDTV recording. Includes the 8PSK plug-in (module 1) so it's ready to get HDTV from DishNet satellite. Regular and economy versions of the upgraded 6000 are also available, see below for the differences. Please note that the 6000 is the only Dish Network receiver that is compatible with 169time upgrades for HDTV recording. May be used with a legacy LNB setup, or use a legacy adapter available from a Dishnet dealer when used with a newer Dishnet Pro LNB setup.
    169time part number 6D.
  • Sale   $899, save $300 off regular $1199 price - Genuine Bell ExpressVu 6000 HD receiver with YPrPB and RGB outputs, refurbished. The firewire 169time output for HDTV recording is already added. Use with an AVX1 processor (build your own or buy the AVX1 here) plus a suitable HD firewire connected recording device (DVHS tape, hard drive, or PC) for satellite HDTV recording. For use with legacy LNB, or use with DishPro LNB and legacy adapter available from your a BellVu dealer. Includes remote control.
    169time part number 6X
  • Sale   $799, regularly $899 - AVX1 processor. See special price below too! - Has Deluxe black case. This is used only with receivers that have the 169time firewire upgrade installed. It processes the HDTV signal, making it compatible with proper recording devices such as DVHS tape decks, hard disk recorders, and Windows or Mac PCs. Brand new, includes latest self boot software disk and power cord. Deluxe black case measures 13.75W x 5.75H x 14.25D.
    Click here to see the deluxe black AVX1
  •   $39.00 Optional Air Shipping.
    Apply this again for each AVX1 or upgraded receiver we ship in your order if you order both a receiver and an AVX1, as each can be upgraded to air shipping. There is no need to apply this if you do not need an air upgrade as the economical ground shipping is added by the shopping cart automatically.

    Sale $699 - HDTV recording upgrade for your receiver
                 save $200 off regular price of $899
    169time will install the recording firewire upgrade in your HDTV receiver.

    We can upgrade your existing receiver with firewire outputs. Here below is a list of compatible receivers. If your box isn't on this list, you'll need to purchase one of the receivers listed above that come with firewire already installed. The AVX1 processor can be purchased (see button above) or some users can build their own using information on this web page. A special discount is offered when the AVX1 is purchased at the same time as the upgrade for your receiver. The AVX1 is used with each upgraded receiver except the "free to air models."
    Complete list of boxes compatible with 169time upgrade:

  • DirecTV Sony SAT-HD200 and SAT-HD300
  • DirecTV Zenith DTV1080 and HD SAT520
  • DirecTV Hughes HTL-HD and HIRD-E86 and HIRD-E8
  • DirecTV Mitsubishi SR-HD5 and SR-HD400
  • DirecTV Toshiba DST-3000
  • DirecTV LG LSS3200A
  • DirecTV RCA DTC100
  • DirecTV Proscan PSHD105
  • DirecTV Phillips DSHD800R
  • Free to Air Integra 912S and 815
  • Free to Air Unity Motion HDR-1000A
  • Dish Network or BellExpressVu or JVC 6000
  • 4DTV or Starchoice GI / Motorola HDD200 or HDD201
         ...HDD200 also for some cable HD systems

  • Sale   $699, regularly $699 - Firewire upgrade for your compatible receiver listed above.
    Details if sending us your box for upgrade installation

  • Make sure your box is 100% operational before sending it to us
  • It is best if the receiver has an active subscription, but not required.
  • If applicable, please include your access card
  • Include your name and return address and phone number inside the box
  • Do not ship us manuals, remotes or cables
  • Carefully package the unit with at least 2 inches of padding and support
  • Use the original shipping container if available.
  • Use your preferred choice of carrier such as Fedex, UPS, or Post Office
  • Ship to:
  • Sixteen Nine Time
  • 12001 Mathis Way
  • Grass Valley, CA, USA 95949
  • tel: 530-268-0190 extension 169  

    $499 - Lowest price for DIY upgrade kit
    The upgrade kit lets you get into HDTV recording and SAVE $$$

    If you have access to a highly skilled electronic technician with modern tools, you can save time, money, and shipping expense using our Do It Yourself (DIY) upgrade. Some models are not offered as a self install due to extreme difficulty. The only models offered for self install are listed below. A link to the install instructions document is included below in that list. Models not listed here below are not available for self install. Self install kit includes the firewire upgrade board, a rainbox wiring harness, tubing, and needed small parts. The latest AVX1 software CDrom media is also sent with the kit. Some of the other items needed that aren't in the kit are the STB, firewire cables, AVX1, recording device, tools, solder. The kit is the same high quality components 169time usually installs, and comes with the same guarantee. Modern soldering and drilling expertise are needed. Please evaluate the instructions below for your particular model before ordering. 169time can assist with installation as a backup plan. If your box isn't on this list below, a factory installed upgrade might be available in the list in the prior section since some boxes are not offered as a DIY kit. Standard ground shipping fee $9.00 is automatically added to the order. Use the button for the air shipping upgrade if you want 2 day air shipping. The DTC100 instructions are in the text file inside the zip, with many separate photo files. The other two instructions are MS word documents with embedded photos.
    169time strives to make all upgrade installations work perfect
    List of boxes offered as Do It Yourself Kit upgrade:

  • DirecTV RCA DTC100 or Proscan PSHD105. Click for install docs
  • Dish Network or BellExpressVu or JVC 6000. Click for install docs
  • 4DTV or Starchoice GI / Motorola HDD200 or HDD201. Click for install docs
         ...HDD200 also for some cable HD systems
         ...The Sony Sat-HD200 is different and not offered as a DIY kit

  • Sale   $499, regularly $599 - Firewire upgrade kit for DTC100 or PSHD105.


  • Sale   $499, regularly $599 - Firewire upgrade kit for Dishnet or Bell 6000.


  • Sale   $499, regularly $599 - Firewire upgrade kit for HDD200 or HDD201.

    Accessories - free shipping with order over $499

    Accessories are shipped at no extra shipping charge when your order is $499 or more.

    A $29 per order shipping / handling charge applies when ordering accessories and your order is less than $399. Be sure to select that option if your order is less than $399. SAVE - order your accessories when you order your recording upgrade.


  •      $29 - Accessory shipping charge. Add this item to your cart if you are ordering accessories and the total merchandise value of your order is less than $399. If your order is $399 or more, you do not need to pay this extra shipping amount, as your accessories will be shipped in the same box as your other order items and without an additional shipping charge. Only one extra shipping charge is needed regardless of how many accessories are ordered, where this charge is applicable.


  • Sale $19, regularly $29 4 pin to 4 pin firewire cable, 10' length


  • Sale $19, regularly $29 6 pin to 4 pin firewire cable, 13' len.


  • Sale $9, regularly $19 6 pin to 4 pin firewire cable, 6' len.


  • Sale $29, regularly $49 PCI IEEE1394 firewire card for build you own AVX1. Each PCI card has been tested for actual AVX1 operation in a PC system and is compatible with DVHS & HDVR. This is a non-returnable item.


  • Sale $19, regularly $29 IR emitter for timer recording control of VCR. This emitter usually comes with your receiver when all the accessories are included. It is compatible with receivers that 169time upgrades except it is NOT for use with the following receivers: 6000, Sony Sat-HD200, Zenith, GI or Motorola HDD200, FTA receivers.


  • Sale $49, regularly $79 1080i color bars DVHS Widescreen HDTV test tape for all DVHS players.
    Order and payment terms and conditions information

  • For Credit Card orders - use paypal or the shopping cart above for no signup requirement.
  • If ever had a paypal account at the email used in the shopping cart, you'll need your password.
  • We are not set up to take phone orders. Please use PayPal below or shopping cart above.
  • When PayPal ordering, please list your order details and phone number in Paypal's info window.
  • 169time accepts prepaid orders by mail with payment by check or money order.
  • If mailing an order, make your own order form listing the items ordered and the ship to address.
  • Defective equipment may be exchanged or repaired at our option, no refunds are given.
  • Sales tax at 7.5% is added for shipments to California addresses
  • Call (530) 268-0190 ext 169 for help
  • We usually ship all orders or installs in 5 business days or less
  • For information on our "Overnight upgrade turnaround or it's free " click here.
  • Please email inquiries for tracking or order status
  • We do not ship COD

    For special credit card orders that aren't in our online store, press the PayPal logo button below.
    PayPal payments to athena_stardear@yahoo.com are accepted for 169time orders.
    169time does not process credit card orders directly. Our shopping cart is from Paypal.
    IMPORTANT: Please list your telephone number along with your order items in Paypal.
       If you do not see the Paypal button below, goto www.paypal.com, open your paypal
       account or sign up for a new one, and make the payment to athena_stardear@yahoo.com
    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!



    HDTV Recording system specific list

  • General HDTV recording info including the AVX1 is in the FAQ below.

  • Click here for information specific to Dish Network and Bell ExpressVU.

  • Click here for specific info for 4DTV or Starchoice.

  • Click here for specifics regarding DirecTV HDTV recording including HDNet.

  • Click here for specifics regarding CableTV HDTV recording.

  • Click here for Integra IT912s STB HDTV recording specifics.

  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions info FAQ.


    Click here for 169time.com product ordering.

    Record HDTV and AVX1 FAQ

    Q: How do I record HDTV?
    A: The easy method is to purchase a satellite HDTV receiver from us that is already upgraded with the firewire output together with a pre-built AVX1 processor. Add a recording device such as a JVC DVHS tape deck, or LG LST3410A hard drive recorder, firewire cables, recording media (DVHS tapes). Call the satellite service to enable reception for the channels your want to record, and you're in ready.

    169time supports digital HDTV recording directly to tape, to computer disks and stand alone hard drive units from virtually every satellite based source consumers can receive including Pay Per View, DishNetwork, 4DTV and Bell ExpressVu. 169time HDVR upgrades are the first and only product available that does so much.

    169time also offers installation of firewire in HDTV receivers many users already own, and even self install Do It Yourself (DIY) firewire kits. We provide free instructions and software to make your own AVX1 and save money, and combo specials to make HDTV recording economical and tailored to your needs.

    All satellite HDTV recording relies on our HDVR upgrade to the set top box receiver. This is the key part that makes satellite HDTV recording possible. It is only available from 169time.

    169time invented HDTV recording upgrades, and we offer what many consider to be the best telephone and email based technical support in the entire consumer electronics industry for our products.

    Q: Will my 169time system be compatible with future Blu-Ray HDTV disk recording systems?
    A: Yes with 169time upgrades your equipment investment is protected since firewire continues to be the standard used by Blu-Ray recorders.

    Q: How can I get the sale price?
    A: Send us your order by the deadline. Your upgrade can occur at a later date after you place your order. The part of the order that 169time needs to receive by the deadline is the list of items ordered and the payment for the order.

    Q: Can you upgrade cable boxes, PVRs, Tivo, or any of they newest HDTV receivers?
    A: Currently we're not selling upgrades for any cable boxes, PVRs such as Tivo HR10-250 or Dish 921. We have updated our online list of compatible HDTV boxes and some of the best and newest receivers are supported. Click here for the most up to date list of receivers that can be upgraded.

    169time suggests the LG LST-3410A used together with 169time firewire as a practical alternative to HD TIVO or Dishnet 921, since only the 169time setup allows the flexibility to get the HDTV out of the box and onto external disks, tapes, and drives for long term storage without filling up the internal hard drive.

    Q: Why isn't my JVC or Marantz DVHS deck recording HDTV?
    A: Out of the box, the JVC DVHS (Marantz DVHS is equivalent) deck does not record HDTV unless it is connected to a firewire HDTV signal source. The 169time.com company sells the upgrades you've been looking for to make HDTV receivers capable of putting out the HDTV signal suitable for recording.

    JVC has announced one model of their deck that will record HDTV from local antenna OTA souces, but it can only record satellite HDTV if a 169time system is used with it.

    Q: I live outside the USA, can I order the upgrade?
    A: Yes, we love our neighbors. Please call or email us for details.

    Q: What about the other new receivers that are supposed to incorporate recording?
    A: There aren't any. 169time.com is the only method for consumers to record all compatible HDTV from satellite. Pressure from the entertainment industry has prevented the equipment manufacturers from incorporating digital HDTV outputs in their satellite receivers. This will be the situation for quite some time. Understandably, the entertainment industry wants to save the HDTV version of their product for future $$$ sales, and wants the mass market to buy DVDs now (a lower quality than HDTV). Or they want you to shell out big bucks now for HDTV movie tapes, when only a limited selection is available, and cannot be backed up for long term use due to strong copy protection.

    In the mean time, many 169time customers have enjoyed HDTV taping from satellite. They are able to watch their favorite HDTV programming on the schedule they prefer, making their lives easier and most enjoyable.

    We've observed that many times an equipment manufacturer "pretends" that they will soon ship a receiver that allows taping HDTV. Sadly for the consumer that believed this pretense, when the box finally ships there is no such capability in the equipment.

    Regardless of the pressure from the industry, viewer recording of HDTV so they can watch it on their own schedule is perfectly legal. 169time.com has assembled a team of some of the most qualified engineers in the world to create, perfect, and install these upgrades so that consumers right to tape HDTV is not thwarted by entertainment industry pressure.

    It's interesting to note that many of 169time's customers are members of the entertainment industry since 169tiem upgrades offer the only method available for them to record their own movies and show them off to others!

    Q: Does anyone make a convertor that I can connected to record the high quality analog component or RGB monitor output of my HDTV box?
    A: No, they can't. The technology to record HDTV demands that it never becomes analog and is recorded entirely in digital form. Most HDTV receivers don't have digital outputs for recording. 169time's HDVR / AVX1 system provide an "all digital" signal path for recording the highest quality HDTV possible.

    Q: Can the AVX1 correct problems recording from cable TV firewire such as copy protection and glitches?
    A: The AVX1 is only for use with satellite boxes that have the 169time upgrade. It does not help correct problems with cable TV firewire recording.

    Q: What about recording from the DVI output that some receivers have?
    A: The DVI-HDCP interface port is only for monitors. It is specifically to prevent recording. DVI has nothing to do with recording. It is a connection for monitors. Only the those receivers equipped with the 169time installed firewire upgrade ports allow satellite HDTV recording.

    Q: Could DVI give a better recording?
    A: Since the 169time equipped system makes a digital recording exactly like the broadcast it is already making the highest quality recording possible. If there were a DVI connection to the monitor it would not affect the quality of the recording. The 169time method uses IEEE1394 (also called firewire), and this is a recordable digital signal.

    Q: I don't see my set top box listed. Will 169time support other set top boxes?
    A: Some set top box satellite receivers are not compatible with HDTV recording. 169time supports some of the newest set top boxes and even the older ones. We believe that the industry will take steps to prevent the ability to add our upgrade, so we strongly recommend getting a compatible receiver now before they are no longer available.

    You can enjoy recording now by using a box that is compatible. Even if your favorite box isn't one the can record, both DishNetwork and DirecTV offer the ability to add an additional receiver for a minimal monthly fee. This is a small price to pay to acquire the necessity to watch HDTV on your own schedule. There is no reason to suffer being forced to watch HDTV on the schedule that it is transmitted. People have been able to record TV and play it back TV since the 1970s. 169time helps consumers enjoy HDTV on their own schedule, as modern life demands; today, tomorrow, or ten years from now.

    The HDTV programs you record today are the best picture quality available. Certainly more enjoyable than DVDs.

    Q: Which is the best model receiver for recording HDTV?
    A: For DirecTV there are more choices. Although these have various other features, the results for satellite recording of HDTV are equal for all of them since the same digital signal is sent to the deck for recording.

    For Dish Network and Bell ExpressVu, only the legacy model 6000 supports the upgrade, and it works great.

    For 4DTV and Starchoice there is only the GI / Motorola HDD200 decoder.

    Q: Can I record HDTV with Voom?
    A: Customers tell us that the Voom channels now on Dish Network will record using a 169time upgraded 6000.

    Q: With Voom channels now on Dish Network, should I switch from DirecTV to Dish Network?
    A: Dish Network and DirecTV boxes work equally well for recording. They both record digital signals equal in quality to the broadcast. We have both setups in our lab, as well as all of the other services we support upgrades for. It's true that there are some channels on one service that aren't on another. There may be channels on DirecTV that aren't on Dish. Prior to switching services, it's a good idea to check and make sure that all the channels you like on DirecTV are also on Dish.

    Q: What is the HDVR?
    A: The HDVR is the name of the hardware upgrade circuit that we install inside your HDTV receiver Set Top Box (STB). HDVR stands for High Definition Video Recorder. This is the part that adds digital firewire outputs. The HDVR gets the digital HDTV signal out of the STB. We make and install device as an upgrade for several types of STB units. Only the specific STB models described on this web page are supported with recording adapters.

    As the HDVR is installed inside the STB, most of it is not visible during normal use. The visible part is the firewire connection, and this is on the rear portion of the STB. See the links above this section for specifics about particular STB receivers.

    Q: Do all applications need the AVX1?
    A: The AVX1 is needed for all subscription satellite recording and some OTA recording. The AVX1 is not currently used with Integera or Unity Motion receivers.

    Q: Why is the AVX1 needed?
    A: Without the AVX1, the deck would not understand the signal. The AVX1 makes the digital signal from the STB receiver compatible with the DVHS deck. The AVX1 is also needed when recording to a PC in the same instances that it is needed to record to the deck.

    Q: What are the AVX1 physical appearance and specs?
    A: All 169time provided AVX1 units are now the deluxe black case model that measure 13.75W x 5.75H x 14.25D.

    Click here to see the deluxe black AVX1

    Q: How is the AVX1 connected and operated?
    A: The AVX1 is connected to the DVHS deck with a 6 pin to 4 pin firewire cable. A second cable with 4 pins at each end (built into the 6000 upgrade for the Dish / Bev 6000) that connects the HDVR firewire upgrade from the set top box to the deck. After it is powered up by the front panel button, it's operation is pretty much automatic.

    Q: Are there other controls or indicators on the AVX1?
    A: Although it is not typically necessary to use these controls or indicators since the AVX1 is automatic, besides the power button, the front panel has an eject button to change the CD-ROM disk in order to install a software update. Updates may be available from time to time, but aren't required. There is also a front panel reset button. There is a power light that shows when the unit is powered on. A CD activity light indicates when the unit is starting up. Although it is not necessary to connect a display, a 15 pin VGA connector may be connected to a typical PC VGA monitor to view the current information that includes operational status and the Audio and Video data rates being processed, or other technical information.

    Q: With the AVX1 is a subscription needed to receive satellite channels?
    A: If a subscription service is to be recorded, the same subscription requirements that apply to HDTV viewing are still applicable. The AVX1 does not increase or decrease the channels available for viewing on the STB.

    Q: Which channels can be recorded when the AVX1 is used?
    A: Generally all HDTV channels can be recorded but this depends on the receiver type. Please refer to specific information for the specific receiver type from the links above.

    Q: Is the recording 1080i or 720p?
    A: The digital signal sent to the deck for recording is the exact same format of the broadcast. Even though both the deck and the receiver may have an option to select the format of the signal sent to the TV monitor, this monitor output selection doesn't change the format of the digital signal recorded. If the broadcast is 720p, the recording is 720p. Likewise with 1080i. In effect, the exact quality and the format of the broadcast is maintained in the recording, and the viewing format can be selected when the signal is played back as provided by the menus controlling the playback device.

    Q: Can I set a timer for HDTV recording?
    A: Yes. Although the JVC deck's own timer won't activate from firewire, it is possible to use the menu driven VCR controls from the set top box, or a handheld remote such as RadioShack part number 15-1996 to effect timer recording. To facilitate automatic recording with Hughes and Toshiba style set top boxes from the STB menu, we sell an IR emitter that plugs into the back of the STB on our order form. This device may have been included with the STB, or if one wasn't included with yours, it is available here from us. Use JVC code 6 to control the JVC deck from the Toshiba or Hughes STB.

    The 6000 STB has a built in emitter to control the JVC deck. Use code 562 with the 6000. Refer to the 6000 owners manual for more information.

    Q: What machines may play back the tapes?
    A: The HDTV tapes produced by recording both satellite and OTA signals via the AVX1 may be played back on the same decks that were used for recording. These tapes may also play on other equipment. We have found that the JVC DVHS deck's outputs provide one of the easier and most compatible ways to play back tapes, and this is the way we recommend to play tapes.

    The Mitsubishi and Panasonic DVHS decks do not have a playback decoder built into them. During playback these decks send the digital tape playback signal on the firewire. Only a few TVs and receviers are available that will decode and display these firewire playback signals. A DTC100 or Proscan STB equipped with our HDVR can be used for playback where an OTA DTV signal is available to activate the decoder. Other STB receivers equipped with our HDVR firewire upgrade cannot be used for HDTV playback. For this reason, we highly recommend the JVC DVHS deck since it has the built in decoder that allows both playback and monitoring during recording.

    Q: Is there a copy protection involved?
    A: Many Cable TV and OTA HDTV boxes have a so called 5C copy protection that prohibits the copying of HDTV signals.

    In contrast to this, the HDTV recordings produced with the 169time system are not copy protected, and can be backed up using a 2nd DVHS deck; i.e. one plays while the other records. It's also possible to copy into a Windows XP computer hard drive and then copy it back out to the same tape machine, so copies can be made with just one tape deck and a PC. The LG LST-3410A hard drive recorder simpifies hard drive based recording. See the Hard Drive Recording section on this web page for more information.

    Some of the pre-recorded HDTV tapes already being sold are copy protected, and our system cannot assist in copying those pre-recorded tapes.

    The satellite and OTA signals the 169time upgrades process are not copy protected, and the receviers that use our upgrades cannot be made to add copy protection to those signals later, except that your subscription entitles you to receive and view the signal when it is convenient for you.

    Q: How does "Overnight upgrade turnaround or it's Free" work?
    A: With the same professionalism as overnight shipping couriers that offer a money back guarantee for overnight service, 169time guarantees the turn around on upgrade installation. Here are the details.

    After placing your order, send us an email indicating your preferred range of dates that you want your unit to arrive at 169time. 169time will schedule your upgrade and reply back with a specific date. Ship your unit to 169time so that it arrives before or on the date 169time specified.

    If your unit arrives ready for upgrade at 169time before or on the date 169time specified, and if 169time fails to complete the upgrade and ship your unit back by the next business day after the date 169time specified, 169time will refund the amount you paid for the upgrade. Because of the refund, the upgrade is therefore free in that instance. Customer agrees to abide by 169time's decision regarding refunds and free upgrades. The refund will be only for the upgrade and not for other items ordered or for shipping expense. The amount refunded will correspond to the amount that an upgrade costs at the time the order was placed.

    Although 169time guarantees that upgrade turn around is overnight as specified above, this does not include transit time to 169time or back to you. 169time is not be responsibile for delays in shipment. 169time is not responsible if your unit does not arrive in a condition ready to upgrade before or on the date 169time specified.

    Example: 169time selects Tuesday next week from your preferred range of date. You ship your unit by overnight carrier on Monday and it arrives ready to upgrade on Tuesday. 169time will ship your upgraded unit back on Wednesday. If you had selected overnight return shipping, you'd have your unit back on Thursday. In this case the total turn around is three days including transit time. If 169time had failed to ship your upgraded unit back on Wednesday, 169time will refund the amount you paid for the upgrade.

    169time understands how important your unit is to your enjoyment. 169time does not make this general advertisement with the intention of doing upgrades for free. Rather, 169time's intention is to promptly process your upgrade and ship the unit back to you while minimizing the time it takes to upgrade your unit. In instances where 169time's effort was inadequate, 169time takes responsiblity for this delay to the full price of the upgrade, as specified above. If your unit arrives at 169time without a previously specified date, the "overnight turnaround or it's free" does not apply to that unit. In other words, the guarantee requires that the customer take action to request a range of dates and a date has to be specified by 169time for this guarantee to be in effect on a particular unit and order.

    Q: Is there a suggested interconnection setup for Recording and Playback?
    A: Although many connection setups are possible and work well, 169time.com recommends the following especially for those new to HDTV recording. (1) Use the JVC deck's component, HDMI, or DVI outputs connected to the HDTV monitor for HDTV viewing and playback. (2) If applicable, leave the STB receiver in standard defintion mode, and use it's S-Video output to the monitor for viewing standard defintion DTV satellite signals. Note that even though the STB is set in standard defintion mode, the firewire still outputs the highest quality 5.1 channel audio and HDTV video for recording.

    Q: How does the STB receiver picture quality compare with the quality watched through the deck's outputs?
    A: We have found that the JVC DVHS deck has a very good HDTV picture. But we have also found that the various HDTV sources we have each produce a slightly different picture as dfar as coloration and picture placement on the screen. By utilizing the JVC deck's component outputs as the one HDTV signal source for both viewing and playback, coloration and picture placement differences are eliminated. Use the 169time.com color bars test tape to adjust the picture for the JVC outputs, and you're set.
    Click here for test tape information.

    Q: What model DVHS tape decks can be used for recording?
    A: HDTV compatbile models from JVC and Marantz have a built in decoder and offer the most flexibility. This includes the HMDH30000, HMDH35000, HMDH40000, HMDH5U, SRVD400 and MV8300 models. Feedback from 169time customers is that the newest version of AVX1 software supports recording with these decks.

    Q: How long can the firewire cables used with the AVX1 be?
    A: 169time.com recommends locating the DVHS deck away from all other electronic devices to reduce interference during playback. To facilitate this, the firewire cables can be from four to fourteen feet long.

    169time offers long firewire cables for at a great sale price when purchased with the recording upgrade as listed on our order forms.

    We have heard of "extension" firewire cables that can be used with the AVX1's 6 pin connector to extend the firewire cable to a total of 30 or 45 feet. Customer feedback indicates that these work properly with the AVX1, but 169time.com cannot guarantee compatiblity with these types of extenders.

    Q: What type of tapes are needed for the DVHS deck to record HDTV?
    A: Generally, DVHS decks allow the use of either SVHS or DVHS tapes for recording HDTV in HS mode. When SVHS tapes are used, a button on the VCR has to be pressed to enable the HS recording mode. 169time has found that DVHS tapes give more consistent preformance for HDTV, while SVHS tape tend to be more variable in that some SVHS tapes do not work on some machines.

    Q: Is the system easy to use?
    A: The STB HDTV receiver operate exactly as it does when it has no firewire upgrade. Generally, recording requires that the AVX1 be powered on and connected, and requires a strong satellite signal for the best performance. Recording is approximately as easy as the old analog recording methods.

    Q: How and why is the AVX1 upgradable?
    A: The firmware of the Advantage AVX1 can be upgraded by inserting a new CD. This can be done as easily as inserting a new CD into the tray. Through this new cd that might be offered by 169time in the future, operational characteristics and features can be upgraded. See the AVX1 instruction manual for further information.

    Q: What does 169time warranty and guarantee with regard to its products?
    A: The failure rate of 169time equipment is very low. 169time strives to make every instance of our product work for the user.

    We offer repair of STB units and AVX1 units. Even though we do not make STBs, we service them if they have our product installed.

    Unless otherwise noted, the products 169time sells are warrantied from defects in materials and manufacturing for 90 days from date of original purchase. The warranty is not provided for units that have been subject to abuse or tampered with. At 169time's option, 169time will repair or replace a defective unit within the warranty period. Determination of warranty status is entirely by 169time. 169time does not guarantee the compatibiliy.

    Q: Isn't the AVX1 really just a PC computer?
    A: The AVX1 is a custom made miniature PC that is designed for the dedicated task of making the satellite signal that comes out on the firewire compatible with the DVHS deck. It runs a special CD based disk operating system. Although a PC monitor can be connected to the AVX1 to monitor some of its operational conditions, no keyboard, monitor, nor mouse is required for recording. Simply turn it on and it will automatically boot before recording begins. Some users may choose to build their own AVX1. See the link from the top of our web page for more information on this option.

    Q: How do I get the AVX1 cdrom if I build my own AVX1?
    A: The latest cdrom is included at no extra charge with your firewire upgrade or upgraded STB unit.

    Q: Will my 169time system be compatible with future transmission standards such as MPEG4 and 8PSK?
    A: 169time upgrades are already proven compatible with the 8PSK system from DishNet. If and when MPEG4 or some other new standard is actually deployed (rather then merely talked about on forums), 169time will develop and ship an update that allows recording those broadcasts. Availability of new updates is not quoted until they are actually available for shipment.

    It is wonderful that transmission standards are evolving that might make HDTV more profitable and allow more HD channels. 169time continues to provide the solutions needed to allow HD enthusiasts to enjoy HD viewing at a time when they choose to by providing the first and only method to record HD directly to DVHS tape, PC hard drives, and stand alone hard drive recorders.

    Click here for ordering information or call our support number (530) 268-0190 ext 169.

    Recording Dish Network and Bell ExpressVU HDTV

    We currently support HDTV recording using the model 6000 for both Dishnet and Bell ExpressVu.

    Echostar 6000 HDTV Recording

    Summary of items needed for HDTV recording with model 6000

  • Echostar or Bell or JVC 6000 receiver (check ebay.com and available here)
  • A HDVR firewire upgrade installed in the 6000 (available here)
  • An AVX1 processor (available here)
  • A dish pointed at the applicable HDTV satellite(s) with legacy LNBs or a legacy adapter.
  • A HDTV DVHS deck (available nationwide)
  • A 6 pin to 4 pin firewire cable from the AVX1 to the deck (available nationwide)
  • The usual accessories for the vcr and 6000 (available nationwide)
  • Click here for ordering information

    The system for HDTV recording with the model 6000 uses the HDVR and AVX1 team for all modes of HDTV recording. Recording of all terrestrial OTA Digital TV channels is supported, both standard and HDTV. Recording of all satellite HDTV channels currently online is supported, including the additional channels that are received using the optional 8PSK module.

    The optional OTA 8VSB demodulator is needed to receive OTA signals if it is desired to record them.

    The system is equally applicable to both Dish Network and Bell ExpressVU susbcribed receivers.

    Recording of the non-HD satellite channels is not supported by this system, since these may be recorded with ordinary devices.

    This system uses the HDVR firewire upgrade that is installed inside the model 6000 receiver. The AVX1 external processor is also required This is described in our FAQ for HDTV Recording.

    All HDTV recording with the 6000 uses the AVX1.

    With the HDVR installed, the digital firewire output exits the STB on the rear panel through a pre-installed cable. This cable is approx. 9 feet long. Click here to view a photo of the model 6000 receiver with the added firewire output cable.

    The 6000 STB's timer recording feature that uses the built in IR emitter system works perfectly with the HDTV recording system.

    The Dish Network and Bell ExpressVU systems provide several configuration of satellite dish antennas that will support HDTV reception. Contact your satellite installer for assistance with dish selection and installation.

    Only the model 6000 can be used. The 811 and 6100 cannot be upgraded, and the PVRs such as 924 and 921 also cannot be upgraded. Use the 6000 to enjoy HDTV recording from Dishnet / Bell.

    Caution- When buying a used 6000, make sure the unit can be subscribed by calling into Dishnetwork or Bell and checking that there is no outstanding balance on the receiver, as we've heard they may refuse to subscribe the unit if the prior owners owes money on the account. This can be done even before you have the unit in had by using the access card number that starts with "S0" and the receiver identification umber that starts with "R0."

    A Self install Do It Yourself kit is offered for the 6000. See the shopping cart section near the top of the web page for details or Click here for D.I.Y. info.

    Click here for ordering information

    Recording HDTV from 4DTV and StarChoice

    Summary of items needed for HDTV recording with HDD200 or HDD201 decoder

  • A 4DTV or StarChoice or cable TV receiver that is compatible with the decoder (available nationwide)
  • A HDD200 or HDD201 high definition decoder (limited availability, check ebay)
  • A HDVR firewire upgrade installed in the decoder (available here)
  • An AVX1 processor (available here)
  • A satellite dish system compatible with the particular receiver (contact your satellite dealer)
  • A HDTV DVHS deck (available nationwide)
  • A 6 pin to 4 pin firewire cable from the AVX1 to the deck (available nationwide)
  • A 4 pin to 4 pin firewire cable from the HDD200 to the deck (available nationwide)
  • The usual accessories for the vcr and 6000 (available nationwide)
  • Click here for ordering information

    We currently support HDTV recording using the StarChoice and 4DTV receivers of all types where the HDD200 or HDD201 high definition decoder box is present. Specifically, our firewire upgrade is installed in the HDD200 or HDD201 decoder box. That way, it doesn't matter which STB receiver or reception system is used, so long as it is compatible with the HDD200 or HDD201.

    Recording of all satellite HDTV channels currently online is supported. Recording of the non-HD satellite channels is not supported by this system, since these may be recorded with ordinary devices.

    This system uses the HDVR firewire upgrade that we install inside the HDD200 or HDD201 decoder. The the AVX1 external processor is also required for recording. The AVX1 is described in our FAQ for HDTV Recording.

    With the HDVR installed in your HDD200 or 201 decoder, the digital firewire output jacks are then visible on the rear panel of the decoder. A four pin to four pin firewire cable is needed (not supplied) to connect the firewire output to the DVHS deck. A cable up to 15 feet long may be used. Click here to view a photo of the decoder with the added firewire output jacks. Although 2 jacks are added, only one jack needs to be utilized.

    We are not currently selling the HDD200 decoder. To use our recording upgrades, you must ship us your working HDD200 or HDD201 decoder so that we can install the firewire upgrade. You do not need to ship us the STB receiver.

    A Self install Do It Yourself kit is offered for the HDD200 or HDD201. See the shopping cart section near the top of the web page for details or Click here for D.I.Y. info.

    Don't ship us your satellite receiver box. The recevier box is the box that connects to the satellite antenna TV system. Instead ship us only the box that looks like the one in the above picture and connects to your HDTV monitor.

    Click here for ordering information

    Recording HDTV from cable TV

    Aside from 8VSB cable mentioned below, only the original cable HDTV system that uses the two box setup that includes the Motorola HDD200 decoder is compatible with HDTV recording.

    Cable systems that use the Scientific Atlanta 3100, 4200, and Motorola 5100 boxes are not compatible with 169time HDTV recording upgrades.

    Some cable TV HDTV boxes have a firewire output but the programming is protected recording. 169time does not make a product to defeat this. Instead, 169time reccommends using a 169time upgraded satellite TV box for satellite HDTV reception and recording. Yes, the way to enjoy HDTV recording is to switch from cable to one of the services that supply HDTV in that fashion including DirectTV, DishNetwork, or BellExpressVu so you can record HDTV and watch it when you want to.

    If your cable system uses the older two piece setup, take a look at this picture of the rear side of the type of decoder we can add recording ability to. If your seperate decoder box looks like the one in the photo (Click here to view) then you can use our recording upgrade. Note that this is the view from the rear of the box, and of course your box will not already have the shown firewire connectors.

    In this case we suggest buying the HDD200 decoder so that you own the box the modification is installed in. You'd need our product that is the same HDVR and AVX1 that is described in the section for the 4DTV and StarChoice. The fact that this also works with cable is noted on the order form for the setup for the HDD200 decoder. Note that your decoder may not have the model number HDD200 written on it, but would still be compatible with our recording upgrade if it looks like the one in the photo.

    Don't ship us your cable RF unit. The RF unit is the box that connects to the cable TV system. Instead ship us only the box that looks like the one in the above picture and connects to your monitor.

    Click here for ordering information

    Cable HDTV that uses signals like OTA.

    If your cable company lets you receive HDTV via the same STB receivers that connect to outside antennas, you can use the DTC100 or Proscan STB to receive, display and record these HDTV. Even though this STB also receives DirecTV when connected to a small dish, you do not have to connect a dish to receive and record HDTV from your cable system. In this case, please use the DirecTV setup, and you may also remove and deduct the AVX1 device as it isn't needed in this instance.

    The particular signals that can be recorded this way are called 8VSB signals. Some of the methods to tell if your cable company uses these types of signals are 1) Even if your don't own one, ask the cable company if the RCA/Proscan F38310 integrated TV decoder will work with their signal to receive HDTV. 2) As the cable company's customer service may not have been trained to answer this question accurately, ask some reputable and knowledgable HDTV sales people that sell into the market where you receive the cable signal. 3) Hook up an OTA 8VSB receiver and see if it works yourself.

    Click here for ordering information

    Cable HDTV that uses a single box.

    If your HDTV box from the cable company contains connections for both the RF cable input and the HDTV monitor outputs in the same single box, it is not compatible with HDTV recording upgrades. To enjoy the benefit of watching HDTV on your own schedule, we suggest putting up a small dish. Join the millions of people that enjoy HDTV via satellite.

    Recording DirecTV HDTV

    NOTE: 169time.com now offers DirecTV HDTV recording upgrades for several of the newest STB types including units from Sony, Zenith, LG, and Hughes. The compatible units are listed in our ordering information. Although these are listed in our ordering info, the information here hasn't yet been updated to include them. These newer receivers similarly to the Hughes E86 documented below except that the AVX1 system is currently only used for satellite recording, and OTA recording can be accomplished without the AVX1.

    Click here for Hughes, Philips, Toshiba, or Mitsubishi HDTV receivers.

    Click here for RCA or Proscan HDTV receivers.

    Hughes, Philips, Toshiba, or Mitsubishi DirecTV HDTV Recording

    Summary of items needed for HDTV recording with E86 & similar

  • A Toshiba, Hughes or similar STB (see models below, Limited availability here now)
  • A HDVR firewire upgrade installed in the STB (available here)
  • The AVX1 processor (available here)
  • A HDTV DVHS deck (available nationwide)
  • A 4 pin to 4 pin firewire cable for the DTC100 (available nationwide)
  • A 6 pin to 4 pin firewire cable for the AVX1, if used (available nationwide)
  • The usual antennas and accessories for the vcr and STB (available nationwide)
  • Click here for ordering information

    This section describes the particulars of recording HDTV using the Hughes E86 and the similar set top box models that include the Philips DSHD800R, Toshiba DST-3000, Mitsubishi SR-HD5 and SR-HD400.

    Here within our web page, when we refer to features of our products working within the Hughes E86, the description may be used interchangably with the aforementioned Philips, Mitsubishi and Toshiba units.

    The recording upgrade system for HDTV recording with the E86 uses the HDVR and AVX1 team for all HDTV recording.

    Recording of all terrestrial OTA Digital TV channels is supported, both standard and HDTV. Recording of all satellite HDTV channels currently online is supported.

    Recording of the non-HD satellite channels is not supported by this system, since these may be recorded with ordinary devices.

    This system uses the HDVR firewire upgrade that is installed inside the E86 receiver. The AVX1 external processor is also required. The AVX1 is described in our FAQ for HDTV Recording.

    With the HDVR installed, the digital firewire output exits the STB through either of the two 4 pin firewire jacks on the rear panel. Click here to view a photo of the the STB rear panel. The added firewire jacks are visible in the photo.

    The DirecTV satellite dish system allows options for round and oval dishes. The typical configuration that allows receiving all of the HDTV DirecTV satellite channels is the oval dish with 3 LNBs including the SATC LNB. HDTV reception is also possible with other dish configurations. Contact your DirecTV dish installer for assitance in determining a dish configuration that best meets your needs.

    The only HDVR firewire upgrade that provides playback is the one for the DTC100. We recommend using the the HDTV outputs of the JVC deck or other HDTV DVHS tape viewing equipment for playback.

    We are currently selling refurbished warrantied HDTV receivers that already have firewire added. Refurbished receivers are warrantied by 169time and include the accessories stated. Subscription access cards are the property of the satellite service vendor and are not included by 169time.

    By ordering a receive that is already upgraded complete from 169time, you save time and money by not needing to ship us your receiver.

    If you already have an STB, you must ship us your working STB so that we can install the firewire upgrade.

    A Self install Do It Yourself kit is offered for the DTC100 or PSHD105, but not other DIrecTV models. See the shopping cart section near the top of the web page for details or Click here for D.I.Y. info.

    Click here for ordering information


    RCA or Proscan DirecTV HDTV Recording

    Summary of items needed for HDTV recording with DTC100 / PSHD105

  • A DTC100 or PSHD105 STB (available nationwide or look on ebay)
  • A HDVR firewire upgrade installed in the STB (available here)
  • If satellite HDTV is to be recorded, add an AVX1 processor (available here)
  • A HDTV DVHS deck (available nationwide)
  • A 4 pin to 4 pin firewire cable for the DTC100 (available nationwide)
  • A 6 pin to 4 pin firewire cable for the AVX1, if used (available nationwide)
  • The usual antennas and accessories for the vcr and STB (available nationwide)
  • Click here for ordering information

    This section describes the particulars of recording HDTV using either the RCA model DTC100 or the Proscan model PSHD105. These two STB units are essentially the same device except for cosmetic differences. They each have a slightly different remote control and the RCA unit has a black front panel while the Proscan model has a grey front panel.

    Here within our web page, when we refer to features of our products working within the DTC100, the description may be used interchangably with the Proscan unit.

    The recording upgrade system for HDTV recording with the E86 uses the HDVR and AVX1 team for satellite HDTV recording. When recording OTA, the AVX1 may be used, but it isn't required.

    Users that never need to record satellite HDTV with the DTC100 may used the HDVR firewire upgrade alone for OTA recording without any need to purchase the AVX1. When using the HDVR alone for recording, the timer controls built in the DTC100 will operate the deck directly via the firewire control.

    Users that want to record satellite HDTV alone, or both satellite and OTA HDTV may use the HDVR and AVX1 team for all recording. When using the AVX1 for either satellite or OTA recording, the timer controls built in the DTC100 will operate the deck using the IR emitter that RCA supplies.

    Recording of all terrestrial OTA Digital TV channels is supported, both standard and HDTV. Recording of all satellite HDTV channels currently online is supported.

    Recording of the non-HD satellite channels is not supported by this system, since these may be recorded with ordinary devices.

    This system uses the HDVR firewire upgrade that is installed inside the DTC100 receiver. The AVX1 external processor is also required when satellite HDTV is to be recorded. The AVX1 is described in our FAQ for HDTV Recording.

    With the HDVR installed, the digital firewire output exits the STB through two 4 pin firewire jacks on the rear panel. Click here to view a photo of the the DTC100 rear panel. The added firewire jacks are visible in the photo. When used for satellite recording with the AVX1, only one jack is used.

    The DirecTV satellite dish system allows options for round and oval dishes. The typical configuration that allows receiving all of the HDTV DirecTV satellite channels is the oval dish with 3 LNBs including the SATC LNB. HDTV reception is also possible with other dish configurations. Contact your DirecTV dish installer for assitance in determining a dish configuration that best meets your needs.

    The HDVR firewire upgrade for the DTC100 allows playback of tapes you have recorded. Playback in HDTV is available through the RGBHV outputs of the DTC100. For this to operate, the DTC100 must be tuned to and receiving an OTA DTV channel's signal. The OTA signal may come from a local antenna, a cable TV system that is transmitting an 8VSB signal, or a local 8VSB modulator such as the modulator in the Echostar 5000 receiver. We recommend using the JVC DVHS deck for the most versatile playback, or if an OTA signal isn't available.

    If you already own an RCA or Proscan STB that your want to use for HDTV recording, you must ship us your working STB so that we can install the firewire upgrade. Upon email request, we offer instructions for installation by a qualified technician, without the need to ship the DTC100 to our office.

    Click here for ordering information

    Recording HDTV with Integra IT912S STBs

    Summary of items needed for HDTV recording with UM and Integra STBs.

  • An Integra IT912s receiver (available nationally)
  • An appropriate satellite antenna system (C / Ku Band - contact your satellite dealer)
  • A HDTV DVHS deck (available nationwide)
  • A 4 pin to 4 pin firewire cable from the STB to the deck (available nationwide)
  • The usual accessories for the vcr and STB (available nationwide)

  • We support HDTV recording from both the OTA DTV and some satellite HDTV with the Integra Theaera IT912s set top box.

    With the 169time upgrade installed in your IT912s, the digital television signal is output through through firewire for recording from 19mbps ATSC data rate sources such as HDTV from OTA terrestrial tuner and satellite PBS source. Only ATSC data rate sources can be currently recorded. High data rate signals of 45mbps such as from UPN, CBS, and ABC network HDTV feeds are not currently processed by this firewire upgrade.

    This recording can be either to a JVC, Mitsubishi, Marantz, or Panasonic DVHS HDTV firewire tape deck.

    Because the JVC and Marantz DVHS tape decks have built in decoders, they are the easiest way to play tapes. To play back the tape through the IT912's outputs, the IT912 needs to be tuned to the channel and a signal present so that the IT912 will know which is the correct PID to use for the playback signal. In this way the playback from firewire replaces the received transmission in the display circuit. All of the same outputs are available on the IT912 during playback, just like watching the live broadcast. This includes analog and digital audio, DVI, RGB, S-video, and Component.

    The difference from the earlier model of firewire upgrade we offer for the Integra 815 and Unity Motion STBs is due to the improved reception and playback audio and video options that the IT912 offers. We can install the firewire upgrade in the IT815, but not in the IT910. We recommend using the IT912s with the firewire upgrade since it offers the newest firmware, best decoders and tuners, and a DVI output option.

    Regardless of the signal being recorded by the IT912S, the AVX1 is not currently applicable to the recording upgrade for these boxes.

    The only HDTV signal that has been recorded from satellite consistently for years with these boxes is the PBS feeds. There are other signals that can be recorded, but these come and go. We cannot provide any support in locating signals to record, so the this setup is for the hobbiest / enthusiast. We've heard there are groups of people in touch with each other through internet forums that share information about the signals that can be received and recorded. It is our policy that we are unable to put people in touch with each other. We feel this is the correct position for our company to take on this matter due to the nature of these signals.

    The paragraphs below that discuss hard drive recording are only applicable when it is desired to record to a computer rather than DVHS tape.

    The section of this web page the describes hard drive recording with a Windows XP computer, and without an AVX1 also applies to the IT912. The firewire adapter is used in the same manner as described for the DTC100 for OTA recording without an AVX1. The IT912 also does not require an AVX1, but only PBS can be recorded from satellite. As with other STBs, the Windows XP hard drive method is not an all in one solution from us, and our technical support for this is only what is shown on our web page. For Windows XP hard drive recording, the user needs to configure their computer and obtain software from sources besides 169time. Refer to that section of our web page for further information.

    Using the Windows XP computer, hard drive playback is also possible back through the IT912 own outputs, similar to using a tape deck. Also PC based hardware and software and other external decoder can be used such as Roku, but 169time does not offer technical support for these.

    Click here for ordering information

    169time.com User Manuals Online and for Download

    We currently have online manuals that describe using the AVX1 with the JVC DVHS deck. There is also a link to a web site where an AVX1 user offers documentation on applying the Mitsubishi DVHS deck with the 169time.com products. 169time.com offers a special thanks to the user that developed this document to detail the usage of the Mitsubishi deck.

    There are documents for using the DTC100 HDVR revision 1.5 or later firmware with JVC DVHS decks, and the Unity Motion (Integra 815) HDVR with Panasonic DVHS decks. The DTC100 manual is newer and also applicable to using the HDVR-UMA (rev 1.5) with JVC decks, though the UM STB does not have a timer function to control the JVC deck. The UMA - Panasonic manual also applies to DTC100 HDVR usage with Panasonic decks except the LED status lamp is the Power on/off lamp on the DTC100, and the polarity of the lamp indicated in the manual is inverted on the DTC100.

    Click here: AVX1 manual for JVC decks (MSWord .doc format)
    Click here: AVX1 manual for JVC decks (web browser .htm format)

    Click here: DTC100 HDVR OTA manual for JVC decks (MSWord .doc format)
    Click here: DTC100 HDVR OTA manual for JVC decks (web browser .htm format)
    Click here for documentation detailing how to use the Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U DVHS VCR with the AVX1.
    This will take you to the scubatech.com website, and then please select the link near the bottom of the list titled
    Info: Mitsubishi HDTV DVHS VCR. (scroll down the web page if needed)
    Click here for the user manual using UMA (Unity Motion STB) with Panasonic decks

    Hard drive recording

    This section includes several topics. Please note all the information in this section is primarily based on 169time customer feedback. 169time technical support of these recording methods is very limited. Reading through each of these sections will give information that could be useful for another method.

    Here is an outline of the methods

  • HDTV Recording with LG LST-3410A
  • Warning about 6 pin firewire connections.
  • Recording HDTV using a hard drive directly in the AVX1
  • Mac based computer HDTV recording
  • Windows XP PC hard drive
  • HDTV Recording with LG LST-3410A

    The LG LST-3410A hard drive based stand alone OTA receiver / recorder is one of the most straight forward methods to record and playback from hard drive. When used with the 3410, the firewire connection from the HDVR (in the 169time equipped set top box or decoder) and AVX1 are each plugged into one of the ports on the 3410. There can be no other devices connected in the firewire daisy chain. The 3410 senses the AVX1 as being a DVHS device. To get the video flowing, it may be needed to press the 1394 button or play button and stop button several times on the 3410's remote.

    The advantage of the 3410 over other hard drive methods is that there is no PC software or hardware to setup or install, and there is never a speed problem or interference from other applications running in the PC. The 3410 has component, RGB, and DVI HDTV outputs for playback and monitoring recording. Customer feedback is that the playback decoding and compatibility are excellent.

    The 3410 makes provides a convenient method to record to hard drive, edit the video, and then dump to tape for long term storage. It is also possible to increase the size of the 3410's built in hard drive, and even install a removable tray to permit archiving directly to hard drive, and maintin a library of hard drives, each holding 25 hour or more s of HD material in a compact size. This usage is not supported directly by 169time or LG. Customer feedback is that there is considerable success with this. A 300GB Maxtor 5400 rpm hard drive is reported to work and run cool with LG, and provide over 30 hours of recording time before dumping to tape.

    Customer feedback is that one easy way to implement timer control of the LG is to program the receiver to output the HD signal only when the desired program comes on, and leave the LG in the record mode. Even though it is in the record mode, the LG will not use hard drive space when there is no signal coming from the AVX1, such as the case where there is zero video and audio rate reported by the AVX1.

    Note: We currently have no feedback on using other stand alone firewire hard drive based recorders with the AVX1. We're interested in your experience.

    Warning about 6 pin firewire connections.

    The 6 pin firewire connection system includes power on the connector and cables. Occasionally a defective cable, connector, or computer interface can allow the cross connection of power or data lines, resulting in equipment damage. 169time recommends that 6 pin to 6 pin cables not be used at all for HDTV interface interconnections. Instead, use 4 pin connections with a 4 pin to 6 pin firewire adapter to connect to interconnect with a 6 pin interface. This will prevent the power connections from cross connecting. Also, use only properly shaped 6 pin connectors since these are keyed to prevent improper insertion that can cause damage. Inspect all 6 pin firewire socket and plug connections before using, and do not use one that is broken.

    Recording HDTV using a hard drive directly in the AVX1

    This has not been released to the public yet. Check back here for the latest information. With the current AVX1 software version, hard drive recording isn't supported directly inside the AVX1, as the AVX1's real time output is firewire only.

    Mac based computer HDTV recording

    Customer feedback is that the VirtualDVHS application for Mac works with the 169time system for direct recording of HDTV via the AVX1. Playback on the Mac using a software decoder such as VLC requires a fast processor for full spec HDTV. For information on setting this up, cruise the sections below regarding the AVX1, and search the internet for the VirtualDVHS, VLC, and online forum notes.

    Windows XP PC hard drive

    There are several topics here for PC hard drive recording and playback.

  • Note about needing to use 2 PCs
  • Important note that 169time's explanation here isn't all inclusive.
  • Vividlogic.com firebus DTVR product.
  • General info & URL link for recording and playing HDTV with Windows XP.
  • Recording OTA directly from 169time equipped boxes without the AVX1.
  • Recording HDTV when the AVX1 is needed and used.
  • Playback and other considerations for PC hard drive recorded material.

    Note: Except for a few cases described below, a separate AVX1 processor device (separate from the PC with the hard drive) is needed to make the HDTV signal compatible with the PC. Therefore, even though the AVX1 is itself a PC of sorts, usually two PCs are needed. One is the AVX1 running the booted CD, and the other is the Windows PC. A Windows PC is only needed when recording to hard drive, not when only recording to DVHS tape. Recording to hard drive is the subject of the following paragraphs. A seperate PC is used for the AVX1 to allow that high speed AVX1 process to function with top efficiency, separate from the system overhead of a more general purpose PC that has the hard drive.

    Important: 169time doesn't supply any of the extra software, hardware, or support that is for the purpose of PC hard drive recording or playback. The only information and support 169time provides for PC hard drive usage is by virtue of the explanation listed here in this section. Therefore PC recording and playback is not an "all in one" solution from 169time. Instead, PC recording and playback might require obtaining a collection of hardware and software from various source, and configuring these to interoperate properly. 169time only provides the products that can be used for recording with DVHS decks. The same hardware 169time sells for DVHS recording can be applied to PC hard drive recording by utilizing the information provided in this section and the hardware and software available from other sources.

    PC hard drive recording is more complex than DVHS recording since DVHS recording needs only the DVHS deck and a tape, while PC recording requires a collection of various hardware and software elements, and 169time doesn't supply these except for the link to a web site that opens the door to these items.

    169time doesn't specify, approve, or deny any PC based hardware parts, models, or configuartions. These need to be determined according to the specific needs of the person that is deploying PC hard drive based recording.

    A person that chooses to deploy PC hard drive based recording can choose to take the explanations here, information that may be available through source such as the internet or other suppliers, and personal skill and knowledge to combine these various elements into a HDTV recording and playback system that meets the requirements of the end user.

    169time can only offer the written information here and doesn't offer additional resources for PC hard drive based recording.

    Vividlogic.com firebus DTVR product.

    Customer feedback is that the vividlogic.com firebus DTVR product for Windows XP is compatible with the AVX1 for recording and playback, and offers good stability. See the vividlogic.com web page and online forums for further information. This product is an alternative to the drivers and DVHSTOOL product accessed by the link in the section below.

    General information for recording and playing HDTV with Windows XP

    One of the sources of information for the configuration and hardware needed to use Microsoft Windows XP for HDTV recording and playback can be found at the web site by clicking on the link following this paragraph. The information and downloadable software on that web site describe the underlying process for accessing the DVHS tape deck through Windows XP. At last check this information was only for use with PCs and Windows XP, and not for use with Macintosh products. The information we are presenting can be complemented by additional resources that might be found. 169time does not claim that this information here or at that link is "all inclusive." http://www.webtc.com/DVHS/default.htm

    Recording OTA directly from 169time equipped boxes without the AVX1 connected.

    Note: The following section applies only to OTA recording from specific 169time equipped boxes, and not others. Applicable boxes are Sony, Zenith, RCA, Proscan, Hughes HTL-HD, and Integra 912S.

    This capability may not work with some faster PCs.

    The aforementioned units have the additional capability to record OTA (non-satellite) HDTV directly to DVHS or a PC without the AVX1 connected. To do this, the PC must have a firewire card with at least 3 physical ports. This precludes the use of certain laptop firewire upgrades, motherboard based firewire, or add in cards that only have one or two ports. To access this feature, the 169time equipped receiver will be detected by the XP operating system as a tape device similar to the herein described usage for the DVHS tape deck except that the receiver has no transport controls. Specifically the transport controls must be turned off or not access by any PC software.

    Other 169time equipped receivers not listed in this section may be detected by Windows XP, but they will not interoperate properly with Windows XP for OTA recording unless an AVX1 is used.

    Recording when the AVX1 is needed and used.

    As mentioned above, the AVX1 is still needed for recording to PC in the same instances that it is required to record to the deck. In particular the only devices that do not require the AVX1 are the UM / Integra set top box, and the DTC100 set top box when only recording OTA. All other instances and set top boxes need to have the AVX1 present to record, regardless of if the recording device is a PC or a DVHS deck.

    A PC hard drive may be used as the recording device for AVX1 recording. There are two methods to achieve this.

    Method number One to achieve PC hard drive recording from the AVX1 uses a JVC deck that is also connected to the PC and selected as the input device to the PC. The Input to the JVC deck is selected to be the AVX1 processor, so in effect the PC is actually capturing the data that the AVX1 is sending the JVC deck, and the PC isn't aware of this but accepts the data. This method with the deck will operate with earlier AVX1 software such as 08B3 version, or later.

    It might seem contrary to a purpose some users might entertain that is designed to economize by not purchasing the deck. However, having the JVC deck connected makes it easy to verify that the HDTV signal is properly flowing to the PC. Use the deck's outputs to verify this. This is especially helpful when a user constructed AVX1 is used since it allows verification that the setup is actually processing the data by monitoring the outputs of the JVC deck while recording. The deck also greatly simplifies playback by eliminating the hardware and configutation effort needed for other PC based playback solutions.

    When recording with this method, ensure that both of the firewire ports on the JVC deck are used in the firewire chain of devices. Only the deck is picky about having both of its ports used. The other firewire devices of the four in the may have one or two of their ports connected. Do not connect any firewire devices in the chain except those specifically needed for the task at hand.

    Method number Two achieves PC hard drive recording from the AVX1 without having the deck present. This requires that the AVX1 be running software version 08A4 or newer. See the AVX1 software update section for specific details about updates. Version 08B3 will not work for this purpose. Also, the firewire interface in the Windows XP PC that is used for the hard drive recording may not have more than 2 ports. A motherboard based firewire or an add in card with one or two ports will work.

    In this configuration the Windows XP PC detects the AVX1 and allows selecting the software driver ordinarily used for the the JVC deck. This permits the Windows PC to communicate with the AVX1 even though the deck isn't present. Please review the AVX1 software and firewire card requirements stated herein above carefully.

    Deploying a system that combines a user built AVX1 with a second PC for hard drive recording and playback is a complex task with potential pitfalls. It is strongly suggested that a JVC DVHS deck be available for debug, debug playback, and other testing.

    Playback and other considerations for PC hard drive recorded material

    There are numerous sources of HDTV files on hard drives. In particular, HDTV files that are recorded using the AVX1 processor are known to be more restrictive with regard to playback decoder compatibility. User feedback indicates that the easiest to configure and yet excellent results for playback are achieved when the files are played back through the firewire and displayed on the JVC deck's component outputs. Other HDTV playback hardware and software may not produce playback results as good as the JVC deck's decoder. It is not necessary to record the material to tape. The playback can be observed instantly when the Pc's firewire output is selected as the input to the deck.

    There are numerous hardware and software configurations possible for HDTV playback on the PC platform. 169time does not offer assistance in selecting these except that JVC deck is the recommended playback device whether the data is stored on tape or hard drive. 169time is interested in hearing of the results of playback with other hardware and software. In any case, the configuration and software mentioned at the link above is applicable to playback through the deck's decoder.

    A DTC100 equipped with the 169time HDVR can be used for playback using the same technique as playback through the deck's decoder. For this to operate, the DTC100 must have reception of and be tuned to an OTA DTV channel, and have "Acquire Off Air Guides" set to NO. This applies only the the DTC100 or Proscan PSHD105, and not to any other receivers with 169time firewire upgrades.

    Of the software methods available to playback from the hard drive to firewire devices, the DVHSTool software (mentioned at the link above) has the feature that it will play all sequential files in the folder. In order to play back files to the DTC-100 with DVHS tool version 2.13, you must uncheck "Control tape transport" in the D-VHS "Settings" menu.

    When / if using Graphedit, so not use the tape transport controls with the 169time device. Instead, the "PLAY" button built into the graph window starts the operation of either record or playback depending after the actual selection and connections of filters within the graph.

    When several DVHS and / or 169time AVX1 or firewire equipped receivers are all connected in the daisy chain firewire, multiple instances of the video capture source filter selections will be displayed in Graphedit. By opening the properites of the capture source, unique identifying information about the device is displayed. This allows the user to determine which device that filter pertains to.

    Click here for ordering information

    Build your own AVX1

    Those with access to the technical skills needed to configure the hardware and software on a PC might be able to save money by constructing their own AVX1 processor rather than paying the money for an AVX1 from 169time.com.

    An AVX1 can either be a dedicated computer, or one that shares its purpose with other more general applications such as Windows XP. It is possible that a PC computer already used for Microsoft Windows can be set up as a dual boot system so that the AVX1 software can be operated when that is needed, or Windows, though not currently at the same time. When Windows is needed, the BIOS settings are made to boot from the hard drive. When the AVX1 is needed, the BIOS settings are made to boot from the self booting AVX1 CDROM disk that does not need the hard drive.

    The AVX1 software disk is included with all firewire upgrade shipments, or can be downloaded for free from our web page at the AVX1 update link.

    Not all computers that run Windows will run the AVX1 software. The AVX1 computers 169time sells pre-built have been tested to run the AVX1 software correclty.

    169time doesn't provide information about which computers work or won't work. The best way to test this is to use the 169time equipped satellite receiver and a recording device and see if it works in actual use.

    Often people will try to decide whether to build their own AVX1 or buy one, and want to know if a PC computer they have can be used for this purpose. They also may not already have a recording device or a 169time firewire equipped satellite receiver. In this case it might still be possible to test a particular PC for compatiblity with the AVX1 software.

    Here's the steps that a qualified person can take to estimate whether a computer is compatible even when not yet having a 169time equipped receiver. 1) Get the AVX1 software either by download or otherwise. 2) Make note of all BIOS settings changed so that these can be restored back to their prior settings. 3) Have the firewire card installed. 4) If a JVC DVHS deck is available, use a firewire cable to connect the deck's rear firewire connector to the PC firewire card. 5) Make ALL the below listed changes for the BIOS settings. 6) Boot the AVX1 software disk. Look at the output on the connected PC monitor.

    If the output says "Looking for HDVR" several times, or continues to print that every few seconds, or stops and starts again printing that "looking for HDVR message," there is a good chance that PC will work as an AVX1. Even better, if a JVC deck is connected, after the AVX1 disk boots and the "looking for HDVR" message is seen, use the JVC deck channel up and down buttons to see if an I- number (Letter "I" followed by a dash and a number) is assigned. The I- number may appear and flash off periodically, but that is fine for now. If the deck assigns an I- number to the PC computer running the AVX1 software, there is an excellent chance that the computer will function as an AVX1.

    AVX1 Hardware Component Selection

    User feedback is that even some of the newest fastest Pentium 4, Duron, and Athalon mother boards will run the AVX1 software. Older Celeron or Pentium III Slot 1 or socket 370 motherboards also are reported to work as an AVX1.

  • The minimum CPU speed is 366 MHz. Even though modern P4 computers work at 3GHz and up, these also work.

  • Minimum main CPU memory: 32mb. Larger memory is ok but offers no advantage.

  • IEEE1394 card: Also called Firewire or I-link. This must be an OHCI compatible card. Starting with AVX1 software version 08C6, there is no restriction on the quantity of ports needed.

  • Hard drive: Not Used. A hard drive may be installed, but the IDE channel that it is connected to might need to be disabled to boot the AVX1 disk. It is possible to use a computer for dual use. Boot from the CD to run the AVX1 function with the primary IDE channel for the hard drive disabled, or enable the hard drive and boot another OS such as Windows for non-AVX1 use of the same computer.

  • CDROM: Most operational CDROM drives work. The CDROM must be configured as the MASTER (jumper selection) on the SECONDARY IDE channel cable connector to the motherboard. The AVX1 boots and runs entirely from the CDROM drive. Since the CDRom is only accessed during booting, there isn't much advantage to using a faster more expensive drive.

  • Floppy Drive: Not used and most often must be disabled in the BIOS.

  • A keyboard, mouse, and monitor are not required during AVX1 operation, but might be needed during BIOS configuration and as an aid to diagnose operational problems.

    AVX1 BIOS Settings

  • Floppy Controller (also called FDC) – DISABLED – There might be two separate menus where the floppy drive is deselected, including both the drive type (i.e. 720kb / 1.44.mb) in the floppy type selection and also disable the FDC controller in the peripherals menu.

  • IDE Channels – Primary DISABLED – The primary IDE channel should be disabled. The Secondary IDE channel needed to boot from the CDROM should be enabled. There may be a single selection for this where the options are NONE / PRIMARY / SECONDARY / BOTH and in this case the selection should be SECONDARY. Or there might be individual selections for the Primary and Secondary channels and in this case the Secondary is enabled while the Primary is disabled.

  • Some BIOS have a “HALT ON” selection. It might be necessary to select HALT ON – NONE to allow booting the AVX1 CDROM disc.

  • Boot Device / Order Selection – Set to boot the CDROM drive first. This might be a single selection or several boot options on individual lines.


    An AVX1 processor is needed to facilitate recording from satellite whether the recording device is a DVHS tape deck or a PC hard drive. Yes, even if a PC is used for recording, the AVX1 processor is still needed to perform the task of making the data stream compatible with recording and playback systems.

    It is suggested that this only be attempted by those that already have a have a suitable computer available that can be dedicated to the AVX1 task, rather than needing to buy one. It is risky to pay money to purchase a computer that may not work when a known working AVX1 is available for purchase from 169time.com

    169time.com accepts no liability for any outcome in the endeavor to build your own AVX1 described herein.

    Although most computers that meet the description herein work for the AVX1 function, 169time does not guarantee user constructed AVX1 computers. Some computers may not work, and 169time cannot offer assistance in determining why they don’t work. Because of this, 169time does not suggest purchasing a computer for the AVX1 function. If you do not already have a suitable computer to use for this purpose, 169time strongly suggests buying a pre-configured AVX1 that is known to work for this purpose.

    Other than these instructions, 169time.com cannot offer much help to users that want to construct their own AVX1. If you ask for help, we’ll likely ask you to check your BIOS settings, try a different motherboard, CDROM, or firewire card. 169time can’t assist in debugging why a particular computer not sold by 169time doesn’t work as an AVX1.

    169time doesn't specify, approve, deny, test, or debug any parts or models. 169time sells a complete and known working AVX1 as the only other alternative to the user taking on the whole project themselves using these instructions as the framework guide.

    The instructions for using the user built AVX1 are the same as the instructions for using the AVX1 units that 169time sells. When properly built, they should work the same.

    Even if a hard drive is included in the User Built AVX1, it will not be accessible by the AVX1 system. The AVX1 boot software runs from CD only and cannot be installed on a hard drive. The only benefit obtained from building your own AVX1 is the potential to save on the purchase price of the AVX1 by utilizing computer components that you may already have. 169time does not guarantee that you will save anything by doing this.

    The requirements set forth here for the AVX1 processor are completely separate and independent of the configuration of a Windows XP PC that might be used for hard drive recording. Just like the AVX1 that 169time sells, the AVX1 built by the user may be used to record to a DVHS deck, a Windows XP PC, or both. Although both the AVX1 and a Windows PC are "computers," they are used for separate and independant functions that cannot be combined.

    End of User Built AVX1 information
    Click here for ordering information

    Test Tape Information

    This tape contains a HDTV widescreen / fullscreen true 1080i color bars test signal recorded for at least 30 minutes on a DVHS tape that is compatible with the PV-HD1000 VCR. Atlhough this tape is not compatible with the rare DVHS-2 PV-HD1000 deck, it is compatible for playback with other HDTV DVHS decks such as the JVC DVHS HDTV deck.

    This tape allows adjustment and or verification of your HDTV system using the precise setup and signal path that is used when you play back tapes. This is the most ideal signal source to be used for calibration or verification of your system's operation. The tape can be used again and again. It is much less expensive than test equipment and yet provides the ideal test signal source.
      Loan equipment to 169time.com
    169time.com currently is looking for a loan of the following devices. We evaluate loaner equipment to determine the suitability of making new products. We do not modify the equipment on loan, and take extremely good care of it. 169time offers discounts or other compensation for those making loans. Contact 169time for the specifics. Below is a list of equipment currently requested for loan.

  • Various Blu-Ray or other HD DVD recorders

    Please note the following:

  • Units loaned will be examined only. They will not be upgraded unless specifically agreed to.

  • Units loaned should have an active subscription already receiving HDTV channels from the respective service where applicable.

  • The loan term is approximately one month, or shorter.

  • This announcement of the loan program is not intended to be a complete agreement. Do not send your unit to 169time without first contacting 169time and forming a specific individual agreement tailored to your needs. Those interested should contact by us by email telephone 530-268-0190 extension 169 after 1PM eastern (10AM Pacific) time to make the actual loan arrangement. This loan program will cease shortly, so act now.

  • 169time takes extremely good care of the loaner units and agrees to be responsible for the units while it is in 169time's possession.

    IMPORTANT note- This is not an announcement that a HDTV recording upgrade is available for these units nor that a new version of AVX1 software is now shipping. These are not currently available. When and if such upgrades become available, they will be announced only when actually shipping as per 169time's policy.
    Product & AVX1 Updates

    169time continues to provide the best and only solutions for HDTV recording. We do this by an effective ongoing development effort.

    Even though we improve and offer better products, we continue to offer full support for those that already have our product.


  • Updates cannot be orderd by phone.
  • 169time appreciates email feedback about these updates.
  • Select the HS tape speed on the deck to record. When using the newest pre-release software updates and recording to a JVC deck, take care to select the HS tape speed. Prior versions did not allow making this selection but the deck defaulted to it. HDTV recording can only be accomplished with the HS tape speed.
  • Recently two things we've been working on have tested out sufficiently well that we are able to offer them to new and prior customers on a pre-release basis. Pre-release in these case means that these are still a work in progress and that there will likely be an improved "actual release" at some time in the near future. The next time you look back here there might be a newer pre-release or an actual release.

  • AVX1 software version 08E6 pre-release
  • 6000 firmware update 1.86 pre-release
  • AVX1 software update 08E6 is a pre-release with these additional improvements. Here is a cumulative list of all improvements in version 08E6 over version 08A5. The first two listed improvements were uniquely part of 08E6 over version 08D6. Other listed improvements cover versions 08C6 and 08D6 that were offered as pre-releases in September 2004.

  • Improved interoperation with newest Marantz and JVC decks including HM-DH5U
  • Automatically stays in sync under most condtions.
  • Improved interoperation with more firewire boxes including LG LST-3410A.
  • Improved playback with non-JVC30000 software and hardware.
  • Improved performance with newest HDTV signals.
  • Supports newer DirecTV STB upgrades (email 169time for details)
  • Faster load and response time to start under many conditions.
  • Seldom if ever needs rebooting even after long run time.
  • Greatly reduced CD size allows a 10mb download & cdburn
  • Eliminates on-screen (Linux PC) error messages that scroll off the screen.
  • Works with firewire cards with less than 3 ports in the AVX1
  • Getting a pre-release update is easy. The easiest method for most users is to download and burn a cdrom, insert this cdrom disk in your AVX1, and load it.

  • Click here for the 08D6 10MB download and instructions. Feedback from users is that version 08D6 currently is very stable for use with JVC 30000 decks.

  • Click here for the 08E6 10MB download and instructions. This version is in test for use with model 40k, 5U, and Marantz decks.

    Be sure to save the file to your hard drive first. The readme.txt instructions within the zip also give a link for a compact "iso" image burner in case you need one. It takes approximately one hour to download this using a dial up modem connection. The typical download time for DSL or Cable modem is 8 minutes.

    When downloading or cd burning isn't practical, a 08E6 pre-release cdrom disk may be ordered. Click here for the order form for AVX1 single CD updates and update subscriptions.

    The Update Subscription provides for automatic shipment of all applicable AVX1 CD updates that are released within two years of the start of your subscription by overnight carrier. Each release will be shipped within one business day of when your subscription starts, or within one business day of when the new software is released. There is no limit to or prediction of the particular quantity of AVX1 CD updates that could be shipped during the two year period.

    Regarding subscriptions, the 08E6 is a pre-release. Update subscriptions provided for shipment of released upgrades, not including pre-releases or releases made for specific hardware that is not applicable to other products. To provide the best service, 169time will allow an update subscriber to elect to get one pre-release prior to an actual release by next day shipment, and then the actual release will be shipped by first class mail when available. Email us to make the election for a prior subscription, or indicate this with your new subscription order.

    Model 6000 firmware update
    The model 6000 firmware update 1.86 is an optional upgrade for both Dish Network and Bell ExpressVu HDVR firewire boards. This is a different and separate product upgrade from the AVX1. The AVX1 upgrade cdrom does not require a firmware upgrade, and the 6000 firmware is a hardware flash upgrade does not require an AVX1 cdrom update.

    6000 upgrades shipped after 09/01/04 already have the 1.86 firmware update.

    Customer feedback is that the 1.86 firmware update allows more robust recording from both Dishnetwork and BellExpressVu, especially the new Voom channels on Dish Network.

    THe 1.86 firmware update does not apply to any other receiver types except the model 6000. It does not apply to DirecTV, 4DTV, or Integra units.

    The 1.86 firmware update is entirely optional. Contact us by email for current pricing on updates.

    The 1.86 firmware update for model 6000 is an update only to the HDVR board. It has no bearing on the firmware, programming, subscription, or access card of the model 6000. The 1.86 update can only be installed in 169time's office. It is necessary to ship the HDVR board unplugged from the 6000 or the entire 6000 receiver to 169time to obtain this update.

    HDVR boards shipped to 169time must be packaged in an antistatic bag and shipped in a protective carton. Take care to prevent damage to your HDVR board in transit.

    Send in your HDVR board or your 6000 receiver and the turn around is approximately 5 business days plus shipping time. The front panel on the 6000 is especially fragile and the packaging used should provide support for the front panel during transit. Please use the original packaging box and protective molded styrofoam inserts that came with the 6000 as this is adequate. 169time may ship your 6000 back in a different box based on 169time's determination.

    Expedited update
    169time offers both standard 5 business days turn around and expedited 1 day turn around for updates. Contact us by email for further information.